Panels and Trellis

Panels are perfect for creating a secure area in your garden whilst adding a decorative feature. Available in a wide range of designs and sizes, there is something for every garden and property. Using pressure treated timber, the panels are protected against fungi and insects and offer longevity against all weather conditions. All the slats on the panels are fixed using stainless steel screws, this helps prevent slats from warping and popping apart when timber expands and contracts and avoids ugly rust stains.

Panel Madrid Panel Suffolk Panel Neris down Panel Neris up
 Madrid Suffolk Panel Neris Bow Down  Neris Standard 
  Panel Reinas Modern Panel San Remo  
  Reinas Modern  San Remo   
Trellis Lavendal Trellis Concave Trellis Tropic 1 Trellis Convex Large
 Lavendal Trellis Concave Trellis Tropic 1 Trellis  Convex Trellis 

Gates available to match your panel!

TOP TIP! The Trellis comes in various heights, use them to divide your garden and support to grow fruit, veg and climbing plants

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